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ControX display and control module (%O2)

  • Works with our CarboProbe HT, CarboProbe DS, CarboProbe CP et  CarboProbe LT
  • Regulation of the CarboProbe LT heating element
    (click here to know more about this)
  • Measure of %O2 and O2 ppm
  • Output signal 4 - 20 mA linearilized signal
    (4 mA = 0% , 20 mA = 20.9 %)
  • Signal can be changed to 0 – 10 V (to be specified at order)
  • Automatic purging system with adjustable purging time and hold time  (with freezing of the mV during purge)
  • Air or nitrogen can be used as cleaning gas (useful in explosive environment)
  • User interface with touch-screen and 5 physical buttons.
  • Pump for reference air and cleaning air
  • Separate input for reference and cleaning air
  • 220V power outlet with switch
  • External inlet for Nitrogen cleaning gas (if required)
  • Power supply with switch
  • Data export to USB key (option)
  • Color touchscreen (option)
  • 19'' inches rack (option)
Click here to download more technical documentation from our download center

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