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CarboProbe ZI pro for heat treatment (%C)


The CarboProbe ZI pro, based on a patented system for the measuring element (zirconia ball), allows a very precise value of carbon concentration (and oxygen concentration) in an industrial furnace to be obtained. Due to its simple design, it is easily repairable.

This solution, which has been shown to be very reliable and robust, has not ceased to evolve. The outer electrode of this probe has gone through a special surface treatment that reduces the corrosion and metal dusting significantly.

The advantage of the interchangeable measurement element resides in its robustness and ease of replacement.

High resistance to thermal shock...

Rebuildable design...

Corrosion resistant alloy sheath...

This probe is based on our zirconia ball ZrO2 sensor and measures the oxygen concentration and the carbon potential.

Due to the cutting contacts of the electrodes any clogging of the junctions ceramic – metal is avoided; therefore, no motorisation of the electrodes is needed, and they do not stick to the zirconia.

Technical data

Voltage generated by the probe:  0-1200mV 
Thermocouple:  Type K or S 
Length of probe:  25''(650mm), 33''(850mm), 39''(1000mm)* 
Maximum temperature:  2100°F (1150°C) 
Air flow: 50l/h (reference) 300l/h(cleaning) see user manual
Diameter:  25mm or 35mm (with outter ceramic protection, see above picture) 

* other lengths on request

Click here to download more technical documentation from our download center

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