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CarboProbe LT (%O2) low temperature probe, working temperature from 50°F to 1100°F


For use in flues and boilers, below 1100°F (600°C) The CarboProbe LT is a low temperature heated probe, intended for use in flues and boilers where the temperature of the gases are below 1100°F (600°C). It incorporates a heater to maintain the sensor at its working temperature, even if the gas is at a much lower temperature.

Key features

  • Based on the ZRO2 zirconia oxygen sensor
  • Heater sealed in a stainless steel can, isolating it from corrosive flue gases
  • Porous stainless steel filter to minimise dust build-up on the sensor
  • Gas inlet for calibration gases Purge facility, to clean the filter in-situ
  • Modular construction for simple maintenance
  • Compact design (diameter of 50mm), allowing installation in small or large flues Integrated K thermocouple, enabling accurate temperature control of the heater


The LT probe requires a separate instrument panel providing power and temperature control for the heater, purge timing and purge gas.

If you dont have one, please check our ControX display and control module

Custom request

We are a very flexible company so if you need a specific length or design, if you want us to adapt this product to your specific need please do not hesitate to contact us, we'll be happy to help...

This probe is based on our ZRO2 zirconia oxygen sensor and measures the oxygen concentration.
Click here to download more technical documentation from our download center
This probe works great with our ControX %O2 control module

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