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CarboProbe DS for laboratory, university (%O2), working temperature from 1100°F to 3100°F


The CarboProbe DS is a laboratory oxygen probe, suitable for measurement of oxygen concentration over the range from pure oxygen down to 10-24 atmospheres at temperatures from 1100°F (600°C) to 3100°F (1700°C). It consists of a ZRO2 oxygen sensor with an internal thermocouple. All wiring and electrodes are platinum, for the best possible corrosion resistance. 

This probe measures the oxygen concentration and cannot be used for the measurement of oxygen in carburising mixtures. 

  • Supplied with a vacuum sealed, stainless steel extension tube over the first 2'' (50 mm) of the sensor.
  • Outside diameter of the sensor is 8.5mm
  • This extension tube can easily be fitted into an O-ring seal Accurate enough for research laboratory use, but low in cost
  • Read the probes measurement with a hand-held digital meter, for a quick and simple reading.
  • Student laboratory experiments - demonstration of the Nernst equation Combustion and pyrolysis research
  • Measurement of fuel/air ratios in combustion
  • Oxygen fugacity measurements in geological specimens

Custom request

We are a very flexible company so if you need a specific length or design, if you want us to adapt this product to your specific need please do not hesitate to contact us, we'll be happy to help...

This probe is based on our ZRO2 zirconia oxygen sensor  and measures the oxygen concentration.
Click here to download more technical documentation from our download center
This probe works great with our ControX %O2 control module

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