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  • O2 Sensors

    Oxygen probes and sensors (%C, %O2)

    From 50°F (10°C) to 3100°F (1700°C)

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  • O2 Sensor

    %O2 control modules

    For universities, ceramic industries, potters and laboratories

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  • Because we care...

    A full range of oxygen probe 100% recyclable

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Our Story

  • ECONOX is a company that was founded in 1984. It is located in the Swiss Jura, 10 km from the French border. From the start, ECONOX has developed and manufactured equipment intended for measuring and regulating heat treatment atmospheres. The adventure only really started in 1986 with the filing of the patent for the first ball oxygen sensor. Since then, this has proved to be the most reliable and robust solution, and has continued to evolve. It was only from 2000 that ECONOX really took off.
  • Since 2001, numerous developments have been carried out in order to satisfy an ever growing and discerning demand. This is how the "CarboProbe" range of oxygen sensors was born, specially researched to meet the stringent requirements of the ceramics industry, research laboratories, potters as well as universities. As well as being the partner of choice for any oxygen measurement system (or measurement of %C), ECONOX also supplies metalwork/sheet metalwork parts in steel, stainless steel or heat-resistant steel, ceramic components for universities and laboratories as well as a complete range of thermocouples (K, S, and N) in a wide variety of lengths.
  • Econox USA manufactures O2 sensors, O2 sensor, universal o2 sensor, Oxygen partial pressure sensor, C probe, Oxygen probes, Oxygen probe, oxygen probe sensor.