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CarboProbe CP

The CarboProbe CP is a very simple, low cost oxygen probe with an easy-to-read digital meter displaying oxidation/reduction.

It is especially designed for potters.


The CarboProbe CP is supplied without a thermocouple.


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Ordering Information

CarboProbe CP 200 mm - 7.9" Contact Us
CarboProbe CP, 300 mm (11.8") Contact Us
CarboProbe CP, 400 mm (15.7") Contact Us
CarboProbe CP, 500 mm (19.7") Contact Us

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The advantages of measurement of oxidation/reduction include:

This probe is based on the ZRO2 zirconia oxygen sensor.

Technical Characteristics

Accuracy ±2 mV
Response time Less than 1 second
Operating temperature From 600°C (1100°F) to 1700°C (3100°F)
Available lengths 300mm (11.8"), 400mm (15.7"), 500mm (19.7")
Other lengths on request
External diameter 8.5 mm (~0.33")