Econox USA Logo

Econox designs and manufactures state of the art probes for the measurement of %O2 and %C. Our wide array of products spans the market, with inexpensive models for the home hobbyist and potter, offerings suitable for industry, and extremely robust probes for demanding environments.

Founded in 1984 and located in the Swiss Jura (10 km from the French border) Econox has developed and manufactured equipment for measuring and regulating heat treatment atmospheres from the start. Filing our patent for the first ball oxygen sensor in 1986 increased our momentum exponentially. This innovation continues to prove the most reliable and robust solution, even as it continues to evolve.

The CarboProbe series of oxygen sensors was launched in 2001, in response to ever growing and discerning demand for products specifically designed to meet stringent industry requirements. These probes are based on the ZrO2 electrolyte.

Whether heat treatment, ceramic, research, pottery, or university labs, Econox is the partner of choice for any system measuring %O2 or %C.

Econox USA has been located in Kent, Ohio since 2015. The capabilities of this facility continue to grow, and today include manufacture, calibration, and support of CarboProbe ZI Pro, in addition to sales and order fulfillment in North America.